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Dave Eby- Chief of Umpires, SMLL 

Just a few notes on games from week 1 of SMLL's spring 2017 season.
The baseball has been good for this early in the season.  My notes are all really administrative and rule oriented.

1. During a game, the two managers should not be allowed to come to an agreement to curtail a game, regardless of the length, etc.  Baseball is played to finality and to have a game ended prior to resolution is contrary to the game itself.  It is my recommendation that the game which ended "early" in a tie score be treated as a suspended game, subject to conclusion at the earliest possible date.  I believe this game was in the Majors division.

2. In all divisions, Managers need to remember to have a player ready to serve as catcher to warm up the pitcher should the catcher in their lineup end the offensive half of the inning on base or at bat.  Umpires are instructed to stick to the 1 minute time between innings.

3. In all divisions, the coach serving in the dugout should ensure the "hole" hitter is wearing a helmet and ready to retrieve the bat at the end of an at bat in which the ball is put into play.

4. In all divisions, the Manager and two coaches who begin the game on the field should be the only coaches to be on the field during the game.  This changes only should a coach need to leave the game.  We have been seeing rotating coaching staffs of 4 and 5 people which is not allowed per the green book.

5. Should a manager in any division need to leave the game, he/she must designate to the umpire in chief (plate) who will serve as Manager the remainder of the game.

6. All teams should be reminded that bats should remain in the bat rack and balls or other items not thrown in the dugout during the game.

7. Lower divisions need to ensure they keep a score book in the home dugout which keeps the score and pitch counts for both teams.

8. In all divisions, the field should be prepped and all activity in the batting cage concluded no later than 30 minutes prior to game time.  Those 30 minutes are reserved for player warmup, umpire equipment inspections, infield practice (where permitted), and umpire/manager pregame meetings.

9. In chalking the field, the running lane should be 3' wide and begin at the 30' mark, half-way between home and 1st base and extend to the front edge of the 1st base bag.  Base coaching boxes should be 6' from the foul line.

Enjoy the next few weeks of games! 

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